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StrandVision Digital Signage offers pre-produced animated templates that will cover 15 themes from diversity and ethics, to safety and morale, spanning hundreds of specific subjects. Designed for both employee communication and general public audiences the Communications Campaign Library motivates, educates and informs digital signage viewers while demonstrating the organization's commitment to long-term and worthwhile green initiatives.

In a single-elimination sports tournament beginning with 64 teams, how many games are played altogether until only one team, the champion, remains?

63 - One Game For Each Losing Team

(sv_trivia - Math:NA)

In the early 16th Century, when New York was a Dutch colony, what was it called, and who was the administrator of this colony?

New Netherlands Or New Amsterdam / Peter Stuyvesant

(sv_trivia - History:NA)

Radio can be broadcast on the AM or FM bands. What do AM and FM stand for?

Amplitude Modulation / Frequency Modulation

(sv_trivia - Science:NA)

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